Architectural grade brass, copper, zinc-titanium, steel and aluminium surfaces made to drawing

IRONeX Patina is a collection of brass, copper, zinc-titanium and aluminium surfaces.

On brass and copper, the craftsman can modulate the brushing, oxidation, burnishing and polishing to achieve any customised effect. The pattern and intensity of the brushed and polished surfaces can be defined according to the desired texture.

The burnishing and oxide treatments are done by hand and modulate the shade and pattern of the copper and brass, resulting in unique surfaces.

We can offer an exclusive chemical treatment on “Grey” steel, aluminium and zinc-titanium sheeting, which allows the creation of customised textures.

Each IRONeX Patina piece is hand-crafted and can be cut, moulded and treated to suit the customer’s brief thanks to our bespoke design service, where we follow the project from the concept through to installation.

IRONeX Patina is intended for interiors and design, and can be used on walls, furniture, fireplaces, panelling and design pieces.

The colours you see on the video or on paper are only a guide: please always ask for samples.

Technical specifications

IRONeX® Patina material

metal surfaces made from copper, brass, aluminium, zinc-titanium or steel

Flat sheet dimensions

on demand


1 mm (other thicknesses on demand)

Fire reaction

class 0 (incombustible)

Mechanical processing

laser cutting and engraving, bending, calandering and welding

Surface finishes

burnishing, brushing, polishing and oxidation