Corten Steel

Handmade Corten steel

IRONeX Corten Steel is a class A steel, which is worked by hand and developed to offer unlimited solutions.

IRONeX surfaces undergo a controlled, accelerated oxidation treatment, followed by passivation. This process simulates four years of natural weathering, after which the surface features oxidation that gives every element unique shading.

IRONeX is also “made” from time, as the surface appearance will evolve as the years go by. The material’s physical expression creates a dialogue with different materials and contexts.

IRONeX is very easy to work with: it can be cut, moulded and modelled to suit the brief, thanks to our bespoke design service which follows the project from the concept through to installation. Each uniquely customised piece is the result of skilled craftsmanship, and is made to order, to suit any technical or creative brief.

The surface treatment is all hand-crafted with great attention to detail to enhance a material whose beauty will evolve over time.

The surface can be given LIGHT (pre-oxidised and passivated) or DARK (pre-oxidised, passivated and surface-treated with beeswax) finishes.

The colours you see on the video or on paper are only a guide: please always ask for samples.

pre-oxidised, passivated and waxed

Corten Dark

pre-oxidised and passivated

Corten Light

Technical specifications


IRONeX® architectural grade, class A Corten Steel

Flat sheet dimensions

1.000 x 3.000 mm
1.250 x 3.000 mm
1.500 x 3.000 mm
(other dimensions on demand)


1,5 mm / 2 mm / 3 mm / 4 mm / 5 mm (other thicknesses on demand)


8 kg/mm/mq

Class A

A - UNI EN10149 (Corten A for architecture)

Fire reaction

class 0 (incombustible)

Mechanical processing

laser cutting and engraving, bending, calandering, welding with corten seam, punching and plasma cutting

Surface finish

LIGHT (pre-oxidised and passivated)
DARK (pre-oxidised, passivated and waxed)

As IRONeX is made from Corten steel, there may be natural shading variations in the colour and finish – this is normal for a natural material that evolves over time.



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Domus Augusti, Roma, Italy

House of Livia, Roma, Italy

Villa Bertani Winery, Valpolicella – Verona, Italy

Google Headquarters, Milano, Italy

50 Mortimer Road, London, UK

Private loft, Moscow, Russia

Private villa, Ferrara, Italy

Private Aedicule, Falconara Marittima – Ancona, Italy

19 Blair Road, Singapore

Factory, Collebeato – Brescia, Italy

Miranda Siding, Los Altos Hills, US

Private residence, Como, Italy

D&D, Erba – Como, Italy

Nuova Lamp Headquarters, Settimo Torinese, Italy

Exhibition Hortensia, Fuorisalone, Milano, Italy

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